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Graffiti Removal Service

Using high pressure cleaning equipment combined with the most effective range of graffiti removal products we are able to eliminate graffiti from any type of porous and no-porous surface, spray paints, marker pen, etc from walls, metal surfaces, signage, cladding, brick, glass and even Perspex without any surface damage- No problem.

 Environmental Responsibility 
Many types of products used to remove graffiti are harmful chemicals that can cause injury to both the user and people in the immediate areas concerned. Phoenix Graffiti Removal Sussex is committed to making positive environmental changes by using the world’s safest and most effective graffiti solutions.So Safe- No compromise between effectiveness and safety features.

Phoenix graffiti removal uses a range of graffiti removal products that say no to graffiti. So Safe is the only non-poisonous, ph neutral and bio-degradable graffiti remover on the market.  

  • Non-aerosol propellants
  • Water soluble Low volatile organic compounds (voc)safe for use in confined areas
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Low water consumption (spray & Wipe approach in most cases)
  • Meets US EPA regulations
  • Conforms to the United Nations AGENDA 21 to protect the ozone layer.
  • Non flammable
  • Non corrosive
  • Non-hazardous under EC regulations
  • Ph neutral
  • Sweet light citrus odour
  • Water deactivated  (excluding professional solution)

Graffiti on Brick- Stone –Glass- Paint Work-Woodwork-Perspex

 Graffiti on brickwork presents its own problem that no other surface has .All products tend to leave what we call Ghosting which is like a shadow of the graffiti tag.

Phoenix uses a Ghost removal solution which deals with this situation while on site.

Graffiti on glass surfaces are easy for us to clean and the rubber seals and PVC frames around the glass can also be cleaned at the same time to make them look good again.Graffiti on stone is treated very similar to brickwork as it is a porous material but some stonework needs extra care depending on the age and type of stone.Graffiti on Perspex such as shop signs has to be treated carefully due to the smooth nature of Perspex we use a very mild solution and graffiti wipes with great success.

Graffiti on woodwork this depends on whether the area has been pained or not , with a varnished area we would use a milder solution than a untreated timber area and then this could easy be wash done after treatment.  

All these areas can be cleaned without damage to the surfaces

Truck/Bus/ Train Graffiti Removal

Our graffiti removal products are used and recommended by thousands of contractors, Local authorities, Schools, Traffic authorities, Shop owners, Housing associations, Transport companies, Bus companies, Train companies, Home owners  and many others.


If graffiti is a regular problem we can apply a sacrificial protective coating which will act as a preventative measure.

Environmental Responsibility there are many different brands of graffiti removers to choose from. Some brands of graffiti removal chemicals are more effective than others, however they may use harmful chemicals that can cause injury to both to users, other people, pets, plants and the environment in the immediate area.

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